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Celestion Easyelife skretnica
Šifra: 00150

  • 976,00 KM
  • 350,00 KM
Razglasi i studio oprema
Razglasi i studio oprema - SKRETNICE

Celestion and the Easylife

Celestion showed a full range of sound reinforcement products, many of which have been launched in the last few months. Easylife, their new two-way active crossover was shown for the first time in Europe, as was the new Substation range of bass bins and the SRC4 dedicated system controller for Celestion’s popular SR1 speakers.

   With no external controls, Easylife is a two-input, three-output active crossover that is internally configured to give one of three-fixed crossover points. Once the crossover frequency is set, the lid is fixed in place, making the unit perfect for installations and hire applications. It is ideally suited for use with any of the Celestion range of bass bins, but it can be configured to control many other loudspeaker systems. The unit is freestanding and can be supplied with an optional fitting kit for 19” rack mounting.

   Two new multi-purpose bass systems, together with an established 18” bass bin, make up a new range called the Substations. The new Substations 10, 15 and 18 (featuring a 10”, a 15” and an 18” dual voice coil driver in each case) are highly flexible, and deliver exceptional levels of quality and performance to both fixed and mobile applications. All three cabinets feature a unique Celestion configuration panel, which allows the product to be configured in any one of three modes; passive stereo, passive mono and fully active. The dual voice coil design enables mono-summed reproduction of a stereo signal.

Celestion,Easyelife,skretnica,00150,976.00,350.00,Celestion ,Razglasi i studio oprema - SKRETNICE,Razglasi i studio oprema
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