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CASIO CT-X5000 sintisajzer
Šifra: 11073

  • 899,00 KM
Klavijature - Aranžeri PROFI

Casio CT-X5000 Portable Keyboard


The Casio CT-X5000 showcases the new AiX Sound Source, developed from Casio's work developing their impressive of digital pianos. Using the AiX technology, sounds are produced to a high standard with deep bass notes through to crystal clear high notes. Sounds are reproduced from acoustic instruments with delicate treatment of the note's resonance. The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) employs numerous algorithms to suit the expressiveness of the performer. Powerful sounds are produced from the two 15W speakers, whether at home or at a performance venue. The red detailing on the speaker certainly makes this keyboard stand out.



Casio CT-X5000 Keyboard

AiX Sound Source

Authentically reproducing the acoustic sounds, the AiX Sound Source gives you the opportunity to customise tones to your liking using 100 DSP effects which uses algorithms, reverb, chorus, delay and 10 EQ presets.


Range of Tones and Rhythms

An extensive library of 800 tones and 235 rhythms cover a vast range of genres suitable for endless applications including composition, arrangement and performing live.


Speaker System

Large-magnet reflex speakers and two 15W amplifiers deliver powerful sounds suitable for home or live use.

Composing Functions

Tones and rhythms can be saved to be easily recalled. The Phrase Recorder can store a saved phrase and repeat it using any of the 4 assigned pads. The in-built mixer can handle an impressive 42 different parts and the 17 track MIDI sequencer saves up to 10 of your own compositions.



A jack port can be used to assign either an expression pedal or footswitch. The audio input jack can also be used to connect and external audio source and the class-compliant USB port for connecting to your computer. An additional USB port allows you to save data to a fast drive.


User Friendly Interface

Providing an expanded Registration function, direct access buttons (Tap Tempo, Octave, Transpose) and four phrase pads make the keyboard extremely versatile for use in classrooms as well as live applications.



The impressive speakers are housed in distinctive red "headlights" to give them an iconic look.



  • Dimensions: 948 x 384 x 116 mm
  • Weight: 7.0kg
  • Colour: Black


  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Touch Response: 3 types, off
  • Touch On/Off Button: No
  • Technology: AiX
  • LCD Size: 108 x 38mm

Tones and Effects

  • Tones: 800
  • Layer: Lower1, Lower2, Upper1, Upper2
  • System Reverb Type: 32 types
  • System Chorus Type: 16 types
  • System Delay Type: 20 types
  • Rhythms: 235
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Areggiator: 150 types
  • Music Preset: 310 types

Songs and Lessons

  • Built in Songs: 30
  • User Songs: 10
  • Lesson Function: Yes
  • Registration: 8 set X 16 banks
  • User Rhythms: 100


  • Midi Recorder: Tracks, songs, memory capacity
  • Tracks: 17
  • Songs: 10
  • Memory Capacity: 40,000 notes (for each song)

Other Functions

  • Transpose: Yes (Up/Down)
  • Octave: Yes (Up/Down)
  • Preset Scales: 17


  • Phones/ Output: Yes
  • Line Out: Yes(R, L/MONO)
  • Mic in: Yes
  • Pedal: 2 (Assignable Pedal)
  • Audio-In: Yes
  • USB to Host: Yes
  • USB to Device: Yes

Amplifiers and Speakers

  • Amplifiers: 15W + 15W
  • Speakers: 10cm x 2

Power Supply

  • Power Supply: DC 24V


  • Included Accessories: Music Stand (tablet supported), Power Supply


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