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KORG B2SP-BK digitalni pianino sa stalkom i pedalama crna boja
Šifra: 12367

  • 1444,00 KM
Klavijature - Pianino DIGITALNI

A full piano setup for home or classroom.
B2SP comes with everything a pianist needs.

This set packages the B2 digital piano with a easily assembled stand and a three-pedal unit that gives you the experience of playing a real grand piano. This model includes everything you need to enjoy playing the piano seriously.

Elegantly designedde dicated stand.

A dedicated stand that matches the color of the B2 is included. Two horizontal boards act as beams to securely join both legs. The elegant design conceals the player’s feet and has the look of a refined upright piano.


Three-pedal unit attaches to the stand.

The B2SP comes with a three-pedal unit. This pedal unit attaches easily to the included stand, so that you can focus on playing in comfort.



Color Variations

  • Black, White


  • 88 key (A0–C8), NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) Keyboard


  • Damper*, Soft*, Sostenuto
    * Half-pedaling supported

Dimensions (W x D x H)

  • 1,312 x 336 x 750 mm / 51.65" x 13.23" x 29.53"
    (including stand and projections, excluding music stand)


  • 21 kg / 46.30 lbs.
    (including stand, excluding music stand)

Included Items

  • AC adapter, Music stand


  • PC 550-BK/WH, PC 770-BK/WH, PC 300-BK/WH, JS-SB100-BK/WH adjustable height benches



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